Medical Fraud

Unemployed lured into unauthorized vasectomies

It is never a good sign to see state-run medical units turn tricks to benefit from government services. Sudhakar Reddy tracked men who went through vasectomies at a health centre to find that most of them were not only unmarried but also unemployed, addicted to drugs or alcohol, homeless and petty criminals. The centre was only focused on boosting its figures in family planning operations and not actual population control.

Sudhakar found that the addresses in the hospital records were mostly fake, but managed to trace most of the men to get their accounts on how they were lured in by brokers to undergo the operation for a minimal amount.

Family Planning

MNCs gambling with drugs

Negligence on the part of Indian hospitals when it comes to administrating cancer drugs developed in America and Europe without proper testing has been documented by Sudhakar. He wrote about how hospitals here were not considering the effects of pharmocogenomic variants in different ethnic groups during treatment that might possibly lead to no results or negative effects in cancer patients.