Pharma companies caught dumping toxins

Pharma Pollution causes massive Fish Kill

As a former panel member of the Andhra Pradesh Biodiversity Board and a graduate in Microbiology, Sudhakar has written extensively on the implications of environmental pollution and depletion of natural resources.

In 2007, he launched an investigation on lakes turning into mass fish graves in the outskirts of Hyderabad. He filed multiple stories including, “Massive Fish Kill from Pharma Toxic Burst” and “Pharma Pollutants Kill 23 Lakh Fish” which reveal the dark side of the pharma boom in the city. The reports threw light on how the city’s top pharmaceutical companies have violated environmental norms and irresponsibly dumped chemical effluents into surrounding lakes and empty lands, posing a grave threat to human and aquatic life.

Both the stories made it to the list of “ Times Impact Reports” further probing the authorities to issue closure orders to several Pharma companies which were proven guilty. Additionally, compensation was arranged for the fisherman who suffered an estimated Rs. 10 crore loss due to mass fish kill.


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