Struggles of Safai Karmacharis

Struggles of Sanitation Workers

Among the many impactful stories by Sudhakar is one about the struggles of safai karmacharis. He wrote about how the families of sanitation workers who had died in sewer lines and septic tanks formed a group to promote a mechanized system of cleaning sewers and end manual scavenging. Their fight was against the state’s apathy, lack of compensation and neglect that had made their situation worse.

Following his interviews with the group’s members, the Telangana Legal Services Authority ensured that GHMC and HMWSSB paid a compensation of Rs 10 lakh to the families of the victims. He did not stop reporting till the compensation reached the families. Justice Raghavendra Singh Chauhan of the Telangana High Court thanked him for bringing to light the untold stories of safai karamcharis.


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