Sujana Companies scam

Rs 5,700 crore loan, money laundering fraud

The sensational Sujana companies case vs Enforcement Directorate (ED) was extensively reported by Sudhakar. The case was about how thousands of crores of public money was siphoned off by Sujana goup by creating a maze of shell companies and subsidiaries. ED named TDP’s Sujana Chowdary, who was a director of the companies before he became MP, in the case pertaining to the deliberate misappropriation of Rs 5,700 crore.

Sudhakar reported on the case built against the group through the findings in cases filed by the CBI and the DRI, whistleblowers’ reports and other evidence such as code violations regarding multiple Director Identification Numbers (DIN) of Sujana Chowdhary. Investigation into the case led to many tax havens such as Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Seychelles and Honk Kong among others.


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