Vast Teaching Experience

After decades of work in the field of journalism, it was only natural for Sudhakar to pass on the knowledge he has gained from his experience. As a Fact-check trainer with Google news initiative India network, he has conducted many workshops where he trained journalists and students on tackling fake news in the new digital age. In March 2019, ahead of the elections, he trained around 150 journalists from across the state on ‘Google poll check’ to ensure that poll reporting was fair and unbiased.

Sudhakar has also served as a guest faculty member at several colleges, including Osmania University, St. Francis College, St. Joseph’s College, and the University of Hyderabad where he hopes to inspire the next generation of young and fearless journalists.

Sudhakar has been a guest faculty member in several esteemed universities, including NALSAR University of Law, University of Hyderabad’s Sarojini Naidu Journalism School, Osmania University, Telugu University, St. Pious Degree and PG College, St. Francis Degree College, Rachana College of Journalism and Sakshi School of Journalism. He was visiting faculty member at St Joseph’s College in Hyderabad where he taught a course on print journalism, similar to his post at Dr BR Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad.



Sudhakar has trained several newsrooms across the country. He has organised workshops and seminars for government officials, professional journalists and students on new age journalism, fake news, satellite journalism and media responsibility. He has trained civil servants, senior government officials and PR professionals from public sector units at Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad.

He is an expert on satellite journalism and in March 2019 attended a week-long international conference on using satellite technology in journalism at Amsterdam, Netherlands. In his training sessions at the Hyderabad Press Club on data mining and satellite journalism, Sudhakar advised aspiring and established journalists to use technology to find stories that would have been missed otherwise.

He also trained them on the use of RTI tools and conducted workshops in various cities and towns of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana on behalf of AP Press Academy and the Telangana Press Academy.


Member on expert committees

Sudhakar was on the advisory panel of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). He is on the media committee of the AP Legislative Assembly. He was on the AP biodiversity Board while being a United Nations observer for COP 11 conference on biodiversity.