Chemical Dumping

Chemical Dumping unearthed

Sudhakar unearthed an environmental crime that was missed by the state apparatus. He was the first to report on 90 drums of hazardous waste being dumped near Kacharam and Aleru in Yadadri police station limits. A follow-up with the experts revealed a possible nexus among pharma and chemical factories and transporters who were polluting land and water bodies with solvents such as methylene chloride and isopropyl alcohol. The articles also led to the seizure of tanks whose harmful contents could have polluted Muttangi lake.

Following the publication, police arrested 12 persons and booked employees of five pharmaceutical companies who were facilitating the illegal disposal of chemical waste in open spaces. The factories without effluent treatment plants (ETP) had been paying the accused to dispose of the waste for them.


Chemcial Dumping Chemical Dumping (2) Chemical Dumping