Uranium pollution in rural Andhra Pradesh

Uranium pollution in rural Andhra Pradesh

In August 2019, Sudhakar filed reports on the hazardous effects of Uranium mining on seven villages in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. He went around villages affected by tailing ponds like Mabbuchintalapalli, KK Kotala and Kanumalavaripalli, where sodium salt and uranium contamination of groundwater is dangerously high. In his reports, Sudhakar mentioned that the UCIL was putting the locals’ lives at risk by not regulating the dumping of toxic effluents into the tailing ponds or rehabilitating people to safer places.

He even pointed out that a failure to address this issue can cause permanent poisoning of groundwater in surrounding villages, which can take a toll on the people’s health and also on the fertility of their agricultural lands. Through his impactful stories on the environmental hazards of Uranium mining, Sudhakar Reddy was able to positively influence the Telangana government towards rejecting the proposal of the Atomic Mineral Directorate for Research and Survey for Uranium Exploration in the sensitive ecozone of Amrabad Tiger Reserve.




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