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Death of young male tiger ‘M2B3’ in 2014

Sudhakar Reddy has always been an ardent nature lover. His passion for the protection of wild animals and the conservation of forests shines through the various articles he has written on related topics. Among them is the killing of a young male tiger M2B3 in 2014. The animal had migrated to Mannanur area in Mahbubnagar district, 50 km from Hyderabad. Sudhakar wrote in detail about the circumstances surrounding the death of the tiger. Explaining through instances, he highlighted the conflict between humans and animals. The death of the tiger was a starting point for him to understand in detail the troubles faced by villagers around the forest areas who live in fear of their cattle and crops getting attacked by wild animals.


When forests attack back

The forest region at SV Wildlife Sanctuary in Tirupati is home to leopards. Similarly, Krishna and Godavari districts have wild boars. Sudhakar brought to light the common problem of encroachment faced by both species. Sudhakar’s reports were about animals wandering into habitations and attacking people after their safety was threatened by buildings and motorways. Leopards especially were the focus of one of the articles where animal experts weighed in on the dire circumstances pushing animals to hunt for food outside the forests.

Sudhakar’s report forced the government to makes sure the state’s new capital design is inclusive of environmental and heritage sites.

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